GypsyVanner horses

Gypsy Vanner horse breeder of Colorado

Gypsy Vanner Horse colorado“Gypsyland Farms” of Colorado USA has been breeding strong Gypsy Vanner horses for many years in scenic Colorado. Our solid breeding lineage is rooted in the old European Gypsy traveller tradition. Gypsy Vanner Horses have been selectively bred over the past 50 years by European Gypsy Travellers to pull their carriages and carts. Reportedly, the Gypsies valued their horses as their most prized possessions. The European Gypsies bred the Gypsy Vanners from stock that included Friesian, Shire, Clydesdale and Dales pony to create a kind of small Shire breed that had a good endurance as well as being colorful enough to match their caravans. The breed is easily recognizable by their long, flowing manes and tails; the profusion of feathery hair on their legs makes it seem as if they are flying when they run.

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